About the WAL (Wheel Activation Lever)

June 22, 2017


The wheel activation lever (or WAL as we fondly call it) is part of our patent pending system.  

It is designed as a lever to put both wheels down at once and also incorporates suspension for the wheels while the boat is on the road.  

The way this works is that the white part of the lever is made of 4 individual composite leaves that individually bend when under load (e.g. when the boat hits a bump on the road).  

The system avoids the need for metal suspension systems (like coil springs or metal leafs) or rubber systems (like duratorque suspension or air springs) that are heave and all perish in salt water. The materials we have used are either composite or stainless that are very lightweight and avoid corrosion issues.  

The lever fits within a carbon fibre support frame that is very light and strong.